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8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.
Monday - Friday


Andersen United Middle School Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)


We offer a safe space for all of us to feel good about our identity and make friends who share similar experiences. Our space is welcoming to those of us who identify as queer, as well as allies. We are committed to fighting against homophobia and transphobia and you can be of any race in the GSA, we are also fighting for racism at Andersen and our greater community. Currently, we are working on advocating for increased accessibility to gender-neutral bathrooms. We are also exploring LGBTQIA+ history. We participate in QQUEST, an all-day meet for queer youth. GSA can help you find your identity and your sexuality, you will learn about sexuality/gender and what it means, you will also learn pronouns. GSA is a great place to learn about sexuality, genders, pronouns, the history of the LGBTQIA+ and how to support the LGBTQIA folx. You can be yourself in GSA. GSA also teaches kids what the history book doesn't, you will learn about the LGBTQIA history at Andersen.  


Students need a pass from their Advisory teacher to attend GSA on Fridays. Interested students may speak with or email any of the following staff: Ms. Juli Montgomery-Riess, Ms. Alissa Fortune, Tress Ahles, or Ms. Kamara Bauman.


For more information contact: 

Juli Montgomery-Riess, M.A., LSC

7th Grade School Counselor

Pronouns: she/her

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1098 Andersen Ln
Mpls 55407
Main Office
Fax 612.668.4260
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