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1098 Andersen Ln
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8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Health and Wellness

Health Information 


Hours: 8:40am to 3:10pm 

Health Office 612-668-4266

School Nurse Anna Ashcroft 612-668-4267 


A nurse and a health assistant are onsite daily at school. If a health concern or an emergency arises, we will call the contact information you provide to us. If there is no answer, we then refer to additional emergency contacts numbers that have been provided to us. In the event, you or an emergency contact can’t be reached the school will: care for your child at school and if indicated, send your child to the emergency room.


Illness and Contagious Conditions: Reduce the spread of infection in school by keeping your students home if they have any signs of illness. Students must be fever-free for 24hrs before returning to school. If your child has had three consecutive days of illness or missed more than four days of school, Andersen Attendance Guidelines require a doctor’s note.


COVID-19:  Andersen United will follow the district policies.  Please stay up to date with the most current requirements for mask-wearing, quarantine & health safety checks. Click here to view district information.


Health Conditions: Please contact the school nurse, teacher, or social worker if there is a health condition for your student. This could include asthma, heart conditions, hearing or vision difficulty, serious allergies, etc. It is important to have this information recorded to ensure proper procedures are followed for managing your child’s condition during the school day. Do not assume the Health Office knows of your student's condition. If there are any changes in your child’s health during the year, please notify the Health Office. 


Immunizations: No Shots. No School. All Minneapolis Public School students must have immunizations up to date and the school must have the student's shot records for them to start school. Call your doctor/clinic to get your child’s shots up to date or contact the health office if you need help finding a clinic. NOTE: If you have religious, health, or conscientious objections to immunizing your child, you must have the appropriate form completed, signed, notarized, and on file at school. 


Medication: Any medication administered by school personnel requires a completed Medication Consent Form, signed by the physician and the parent, and must be provided from home in its original container. You can find the form here or you can request one from Andersen school. We encourage you to administer short-term medication, such as antibiotics, before and after the school day when your child is home. In general, school personnel will administer medication if failure to take the prescribed medication during the school day is detrimental to the child’s health or learning. 


Health and Wellness 

The MPS Board of Education approved a new Wellness Policy 6690 in June 2017. The updated policy brings us into compliance with federal guidelines regarding student and staff wellness and includes the following requirements: schools must provide unrestricted access to potable water during meal periods for students; all foods offered or sold during the school day must meet Smart Snacks standards; and more. All Andersen staff and families will follow these policy guidelines. Prior notice of pesticides applications is available in the office.


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